Are We a Good Business Coaching Fit?

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are we a good business coaching fit?














Before engaging in business coaching in Denver CO, both the coaching client and the business coach need to consider if they are a good fit for one another. They also need to make sure that the expectations are properly set for one another and that there is the right chemistry. In addition to what you read below, you may want to take our Business Health Assessment to see how your business measures up. This explains some of the benefits of hiring me as your business coach in Denver CO. Do you meet the requirements of a good coaching client for me?



Does any of this hit home?


  • Stagnant, and you are not sure how to take your business to the next level
  • Stuck in the day-to-day operations and customers and employees come to you regularly (you are the business)
  • Lacking procedures and a system. Your business can be quite chaotic at times
  • Realizing that there is not enough time in the day
  • Not sure if you have the right team in place
  • Lacking clarity and direction, frustrated, tired and/or burnt-out and not sure where to turn next
  • Convinced there must be a better way
  • Stressed and lack the career-life balance you’re looking for


My Ideal Coaching Clients:
  • Growth Minded: Really wants to grow their company
  • Customer-driven: They love to serve others and want to be the best they can be
  • Honest/Fair/Reasonable: People of integrity
  • They Want Help: They see the value in having a mentor
  • They do their homework: They work hard and keep their promises (no excuses)
  • They are “coach-able”: Willing to be vulnerable and take risks


My Niche:
    • Small to mid-sized privately held businesses
    • Revenues of $1 Mil. – $10 Mil.

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