Are We a Good Business Brokerage Fit?

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are we a good business brokerage fit


As it is any relationship involving a trusted advisor, it’s important to understand what a business broker actually does for you and identify the best business brokerage in Colorado that fits for both you as a business seller and for the broker you choose. Not only is it important for sellers to feel good about who is representing them, but it is also important for the broker to feel good about how they and potential buyers will interact with the Seller.

Both sellers and potential buyers will be dealing with the values, skill sets, experience, honesty, and integrity of the broker himself/herself. Notice I did not mention the brokerage firm, but the business broker in Denver that will be personally representing the seller and acting as a fiduciary.



Does any of this hit home?


  • Considering selling your business now or within the next few years
  • Not sure what your options are or if your business is “sellable”
  • Planning for retirement
  • Experiencing burnout
  • Wanting a lifestyle change
  • Looking at other opportunities
  • Dealing with health issues
  • Going through a divorce
  • Dealing with a partnership dispute
  • Ready to cash out
  • Uncertain about the future and you feel the timing may be right
  • Having financial concerns/issues
  • Convinced you have taken the business as far as you can or would like to
  • Not confident that you have the right exit team in place


My Ideal Brokerage Clients:
  • Are serious about planning their exits
  • Motivated to sell now or within the next few years (all decision-makers are in accord)
  • Are honest / fair / reasonable people of integrity
  • Want Help: They see the value in hiring an experienced broker
  • Have clarity on what they want to do post sell
  • Have profitable businesses


My Niche:
  • Small to mid-sized privately held businesses
  • Revenues of $1 Mil. – $10 Mil.

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